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The Business Result Teacher's Book now includes NEW Class Video on DVD with downloadable worksheets, as well as a Teacher-Training DVD. Shows dramatized business scenarios, documentaries, vox-pops, and interviews with experts Has a downloadable DVD worksheet for each clip, ready to print off and use in class Provides listening and speaking skills practice from real-life scenarios The Teacher-Training DVD: Shows how Business Result works in the classroom, and provides tips on teaching business English Has teacher, student, and author commentary Includes teaching notes, ideas, and extra activities, as well as background information on all unit topics For additional teacher support, go to www.oup.com/elt/teacher/busresult Business Result online Track and analyse your students' progress with the content from the Interactive Workbook also available online. Available via the access card in the Student's Book.
Walden Libby Hidden World. Ocean world wonders 2 teacher s book
Nordic Childhoods and Early Education. Philosophy, Research, Policy and Practice in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden (PB) world wonders 2 teacher s book
World Wonders 1 world wonders 2 teacher s book
WR Seven Wonders Gold Plated Coin 7pcs World Wonders Golden Challenge Coin with Case for Collectible Business Souvenir world wonders 2 teacher s book
ABC.s of Cultural Understanding and Communication. National and International Adaptations (PB) world wonders 2 teacher s book
Business Result: Elementary: Teacher's Book (+ 2 DVD-ROM) world wonders 2 teacher s book

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