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Sally Woolf-Wade, in her newest poetry collection, Wolf Moon Down, gives us memories of travel, far, far away, and ultimate settling at home in coastal Maine.She has profound appreciation for Maine’s natural beauty, its maritime history, and its often enigmatic folks. Woolf-Wade skillfully weaves various poeticforms —ghazal, sonnet, haiku, villanelle—among free verse poems to enhance their humor or poignancy. The Wolf Moon lights a seductive path, and issuesa bold invitation that readers are privileged to accept.—Anne Johnson Mullin, author of Surface Tension and Sometimes a SonnetSarah J. Woolf-Wade’s Wolf Moon Down poetry collection fulfills the promise of its title. Wolves howling in hunger apply in these poems directly to humansurvival as fellow mammals at the mercy of the cycles of the sea, the ravages of time and accident. Woolf-Wade shows in “Slack Water” that our boat balanceson the lip of time. She does not flinch to remind us how these cycles can heal both the tragedies and yearnings of our mortal natures that reveal deceasedloved ones’ faces. These poems want us to remember that we are integral and intimate companions in the living on land which we do not own and the sea,which we share on our planet Earth.—Dona Luongo Stein, author of Leaving Greece, Alice in Deutshland,Heavenly Bodies, Children of the Mafiosi, host of The Poetry Show, KRFC The past lives and shimmers on Sally Woolf-Wade’s pages, the way heat bendsvision over summer roads. Astute observer, she wand...
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