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‘You’re having my baby!’When Dr Max Winthrop is told he’s going to be a father, he never thinks he’ll have to share this news with the mother! But after a mix-up at the IVF clinic it’s up to Max to tell unsuspecting paediatrician Joey McMillan that she’s carrying his child!Max hadn’t expected to be a daddy right now – especially by accident – but getting to know beautiful Joey opens his eyes to the possibilities of being more than just a parent…maybe even a husband!
Christina Skye The Accidental Bride the accidental husband
Portia MacIntosh The Accidental Honeymoon the accidental husband
Meredith Webber The Accidental Daddy the accidental husband
Extreme Extreme. The Best Of Extreme. An Accidental Collocation Of Atoms the accidental husband
Laura Lippman The Accidental Detective and other stories: Short Story Collection the accidental husband
R.H. Lola Koundakjian The Accidental Observer the accidental husband

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